What is Web Hosting

Your website is made up of a number of different “things” they are what we call files.

These files come in all different formats some are HTML, CSS and images etc. Other parts of your website if your using a CMS like WordPress will also store web pages in a database.

Basically all these files need a place call home and to live on the internet. Aussie Hosts will store all your web files for you and broadcast your files onto the internet.

This will be there “home” so when a web visitor pulls your website up on their smart phone, desktop, tablet or internet enabled device your website and images appear.

We provide a few different options for Web Hosting, as every business is unique in its online requirements. Our most popular hosting option is our cPanel Web Hosting, our Reseller Web Hosting is perfect for web developers and digital agencies to host multiple websites.

Our Business Email which also comes with Spam Experts spam filtering is perfect if your hosting your website on a website builder like Wix or using Shopify. Managed WordPress Hosting is proving very popular with our small business clients, because we do all the theme and plugin updates for them so they don’t need to worry about keeping there WordPress up to date.

Managed cPanel VPS Hosting is very popular with our clients that require a mission critical solution, where always online is a serious business requirement. Our cPanel Managed VPS is perfect for high traffic websites, e-commerce sites, digital agencies that have high end serious business clients.

Aussie Hosts is keen to discuss your unique needs in more details, simply call our hosting experts on 1300 657 900 to see which is the best solution for you.