Get your business online in just five easy steps

Step 1 Decide on your name.

Decide on your business name and register it. The name of your business could have big impact on its future. Once you’ve selected the name, register it with ASIC and trade mark it with IP Australia. Now come up with something unique and relevant to your industry. Its all about the name, so choose something that will set you apart from others.

Make sure you check that your business name is available as a domain name before registering it as well.

Step 2. Lock in Your Domain Name

Set your business up by claiming a online presences by getting a (

Even if you’re not going to use a website, register the name you want to use as a website name this will help your name get out and your presence will be known on the internet.

It’s simple to check if your preferred domain name is available, just go to our domain registration page to check. If it’s available register it when you signup and lock it in now before someone else does.

Step 3. Source Legal Advice

In this day and age you need to protect yourself, your intellectual property and your business.

Get legal advice its generally a fixed fee. You need access to the documents you will need to establish and manage your business. ie Tips, tools and resources it will assist you now and in the future.

Step 4. Create a Website

It’s really easy and affordable now to create a solution to get your idea online.

It’s really easy to use the Aussie Hosts cPanel web hosting. Premium anti-spam and anti-virus filtering to protect your business are recommended. We offer 24/7 email support to answer questions when they come up.

Step 5. Choose an Accounting Solution

You need to manage client invoices and get paid online. Xero online accounting software will let you manage your business. This means you’re free to work were ever you want in any location. The world if literally your oyster.