Why Start a Business Blog

Congratulation! You have a website but you have no customers you say? Well you need to increase your online presences that’s the simple answer.

How you ask? Blogging this is the way successful business owners do it. This means they can develop and promote their brand online and engage your clients much more effectively.

Well written, properly structured articles with targeted keywords will help to drive traffic to your web site. By creating more and more blog posts this will build valuable content, this will help with getting new customers by using their search topics on the internet. Starting your blog isn’t brian surgery its as simple as finding a blogging application that is on your existing hosting account and activating it.

What we recommend for business blogging

We highly recommend that you take a look at WordPress. It’s a content management system that will allow you to create a blog quickly and easily with no hassles. You can even install it with 1 click from any of our cloud cPanel web hosting plans.

WordPress comes with a variety of themes that are available to be customised. You can change the look and feel of your blog. It has powerful plugins to extend its functionality and is able to be changed quickly and with the fuss WordPress runs instantly using Softaculous which are available on any of our web hosting plans.