auDA to allow direct registrations in .au

Today the auDA Board decided to accept the recommendation of the 2015 Names Policy Panel to introduce direct registrations in .au – for example, “”.

The Board agreed with the majority views expressed in the Panel’s final report, that the introduction of direct registrations would:

  • make available domain names which are shorter, more appealing and more memorable
  • give Australians more choice is deciding what domain name to register
  • respond to market demand
  • be more attractive to natural individuals than the current option,
  • strengthen the “.au brand” in a globally competitive market
  • add value to all three main categories of users – registrars and resellers, registrants and ultimate users of the .au domain name system.

auDA will now undertake a comprehensive policy development process and further stakeholder consultations to determine the best approach for implementing direct registrations in .au, including taking into account the impact on existing registrants, in a manner that is consistent with the .au policy and regulatory framework, and that maintains the overall stability and integrity of the .au DNS.

auDA will make further announcements during the year as the implementation work progresses.

The Board acknowledged the hard work and commitment shown by Panel Chair Derek Whitehead and all members of the Panel over a 10 month policy review process.

For further information please click here.

Get your business online in just five easy steps

Step 1 Decide on your name.

Decide on your business name and register it. The name of your business could have big impact on its future. Once you’ve selected the name, register it with ASIC and trade mark it with IP Australia. Now come up with something unique and relevant to your industry. Its all about the name, so choose something that will set you apart from others.

Make sure you check that your business name is available as a domain name before registering it as well.

Step 2. Lock in Your Domain Name

Set your business up by claiming a online presences by getting a (

Even if you’re not going to use a website, register the name you want to use as a website name this will help your name get out and your presence will be known on the internet.

It’s simple to check if your preferred domain name is available, just go to our domain registration page to check. If it’s available register it when you signup and lock it in now before someone else does.

Step 3. Source Legal Advice

In this day and age you need to protect yourself, your intellectual property and your business.

Get legal advice its generally a fixed fee. You need access to the documents you will need to establish and manage your business. ie Tips, tools and resources it will assist you now and in the future.

Step 4. Create a Website

It’s really easy and affordable now to create a solution to get your idea online.

It’s really easy to use the Aussie Hosts cPanel web hosting. Premium anti-spam and anti-virus filtering to protect your business are recommended. We offer 24/7 email support to answer questions when they come up.

Step 5. Choose an Accounting Solution

You need to manage client invoices and get paid online. Xero online accounting software will let you manage your business. This means you’re free to work were ever you want in any location. The world if literally your oyster.

Benefits of hosting in Australia

Why choose Australian Hosting

It’s a common trend at the moment to choose hosting companies that are overseas because they appear cheaper. But you also need to think about your Customers Experience, which is now an SEO ranking factor. How will your website preform? Will there be a delay? If I have an issue will I have quick support to help you? How will it better your Australian search engine ranking if you go with an overseas provider? Last but not least how will it help the local Australian economy if your business is buying hosting overseas. There is a big push to keep business in Australia this will stimulate our economy therefore it’s a win win for Australia, and the wider community.

Fast Load Times & Better Customer Experience what would you chose anything else.

Choosing Australian Hosting will mean you customer will have faster downloads even if they have slow internet connection. If you choose to have your site hosted over seas the requested have to go through multiple points as it travels from overseas. This means the load time on your side will lag. This will go against you when it comes to google rankings for your site. Having a Australian Hosted site will cut the load time significantly as it has a shorter distance to travel, shorter distance means faster load times. Your customers won’t have to wait and they can use your site faster and more efficiently.

Why is it hard to find the Right Support?

When choosing a hosting company for your website you need to choose the right one for you. If you choose an Australian provider you will get local support, someone friendly when you need help. If you choose over seas company you run the risk of only being able to contact them via an expensive international phone number for help, and sometimes you won’t be able to call them outside their country.

Now this can be very costly and time consuming. You may only have a small time window to call them due to time difference. If there is no contact but they offer you email support this can mean hours before they action your request this can and will be quite frustrating especially if the issues is import or urgent durning core business hours.

Thing to remember the time differences between Australia and America and other countries. During Australia business hours, America outside business hours this means less staff to will be on to support you, meaning longer waiting times. At present there are large number of “fly by nighter” hosting companies popping up all the time particular durning the American summer while schools out. Then months later they are gone with out notice. Do you really want to trust your professional Australian business with one of there’s companies or would you rather trust your business with an Australian established company.

Google Knows everything even where you are based?

Your website IP address is the way Google can located where your site is hosted. Search engines provide customers with the most relevant results in there local listing areas and there are not exemptions. Having an Australian IP address, your information will appear in a searchers in your local area as well as Australia. This means if a customer is looking for a Brisbane or Sydney company and your IP is Australian and your company matches the search results, your business and site will be shown.

If you have a .com website its recommended you choose an Australian hosting company or you run the risk of Google thinking your business in not Australian and there for not a relevant for the search your potential customer has just done. This means a loss of potential income or you and your business.

Why would you take money out of the Australian Economy?

You’re crazy if you don’t use an Australian web hosting company. You’re taking valuable money out of the Australian economy and “giving it away to god knows who” if you support Australian businesses you’re then supporting our economy and jobs and other providers in our value chain. This in turn provides more jobs in the Australian web services and cloud hosting industry.

Keep it local! Then Australian’s economy will be better and stronger for it.

Let us help you be successful and grow your business with reliable hosting.

Aussie Hosts provided secure, reliable Web Hosting with 24/7/365 support. However if your website is currently hosted overseas and you are wanting to move to reliable Australian hosting company, we can assist you.

To find out more about your options, view our cloud web hosting page, give us a call on 1300 657 900, tweet us @aussiehosts we look forward to helping you grow your business.

Why Start a Business Blog

Congratulation! You have a website but you have no customers you say? Well you need to increase your online presences that’s the simple answer.

How you ask? Blogging this is the way successful business owners do it. This means they can develop and promote their brand online and engage your clients much more effectively.

Well written, properly structured articles with targeted keywords will help to drive traffic to your web site. By creating more and more blog posts this will build valuable content, this will help with getting new customers by using their search topics on the internet. Starting your blog isn’t brian surgery its as simple as finding a blogging application that is on your existing hosting account and activating it.

What we recommend for business blogging

We highly recommend that you take a look at WordPress. It’s a content management system that will allow you to create a blog quickly and easily with no hassles. You can even install it with 1 click from any of our cloud cPanel web hosting plans.

WordPress comes with a variety of themes that are available to be customised. You can change the look and feel of your blog. It has powerful plugins to extend its functionality and is able to be changed quickly and with the fuss WordPress runs instantly using Softaculous which are available on any of our web hosting plans.

How do I get started with web hosting

Get Started With Web Hosting

To take your business online its pretty simple with Aussie Hosts.

If your a simple business with a website just looking to get yourself found online:

If your an ecommerce business: